About the Journal

Indonesian Journal of Society Engagement (IJSE) is an annual journal that discusses the practice and process of community engagement. This journal is published three times a year (April, August, and December). For that we provide a forum for academics, practitioners and community representatives to explore issues and reflect on practices related to the full range of community activities involved. This journal is an online peer-reviewed journal dedicated to quality research publications that focus on research, implementation, and community engagement policies. We hope that this journal can spread issues of community engagement throughout Indonesia.

Indonesian Journal of Society Engagement (IJSE) is published by the Institute for Democracy and Community Empowerment Studies (LKD-PM). This journal provides an opportunity to share detailed insights from various understandings and practices related to community service. Community involvement means community development, community service, community empowerment, community outreach, and action research.

Indonesian Journal of Society Engagement (IJSE) is based on original research related to community engagement programs. The type of research depends on the appropriate area of ​​focus on community service or community engagement topics (programs that have been carried out, trials, program impact, surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc.). The research paper will be based on the analysis and interpretation between theory and community engagement programs. In addition, the authors can also explain the problems faced by the local community where the program is carried out.

Indonesian Journal of Society Engagement (IJSE) is an open access and free access journal (Free Registration). Authors can register online on the website and will not be charged for the registration process. The first edition was published in August 2020.

Editor in Chief: Syamruddin